Indie Interview ? Stephanie Levy

I decided to have my very first interview with the fabulous and talented Stephanie Levy. I adore her Collage Art and the sunny colors that are chosen to bring a bit of sunshine to every piece.

1. What got you started with your Collage art?

I love the mix of materials one can use when making collages. I’m not sure when I started, I think during art school. I just wanted my paintings to have more tactile structures on the surfaces and began adding a variety of papers and found things to my collages. The collage/mixed media aspect of my work keeps it interesting for me.

stephanie levy

2. I see that you’re an American living in Germany..What made your decision to move there?

Love! My husband is German. However, I originally came to Germany because of my first German boyfriend. In Berlin, I met my current husband, who is also an artist, and things just clicked. In 2005, we made the move from Berlin to Munich because the job/economic situation is much better here in Southern Germany. However, rent is much more expensive in Munich, so it’s hard to win!

I also enjoy the “European lifestyle.” I like being able to do all of my shopping within walking distance, and it is nice to be able to travel to other countries with short driving times. Italy is only a 4 hour drive! The crime rate is also very low and everyone has health insurance, which are positive aspects of living in Germany, especially when you have children.

3. What is your inspiration for your pieces?

I am inspired by photographs in design magazines, catalogs, and also enjoy doing my own interior photography. The colors and patterns I see in everyday life sometimes make it into a painting as well.
More recently, my 3 year old daughter has been making some really incredible drawings, and I love her use of color and lack of inhibition! She just sits down and rolls out one amazing drawing after the other. Not bad.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

I want to continue selling my artwork online and offline all over the world. I’d like to make further gallery contacts, and I hope to have many more illustration projects in the future.
The Internet art and design community has been very supportive, and has really given me a boost of encouragement to keep making lots of new work.
I am always interested in hearing feedback from others about my artwork, as this provides me with lots of motivation.

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