In the studio : Moissanite Ring

So I’m in love with Moissanites. They’re a perfect alternative to Diamonds and have immense fire and flash that can be seen from a distance.

Freshly soldered

Newly finished ring available in 14kt White or Yellow Gold.

Moissanite is harder than Sapphires, Rubies and other gemstones and only second in hardness to Diamonds. Believed to have been carried by a meteorite 50,000 years ago in trace amounts, silicon carbide in a labor intensive process has been hand faceted by master gem cutters to bring out the stone’s natural brilliance. The fire that this gem produces is phenomenal.

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  1. Becca WilliamsNo Gravatar August 31, 2010

    Just lovely! I never think to use round wire with settings but that looks stunning xx


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