Rather perfect for Earth Day I’d say..

A good thing to remember on Earth Day because our Earth is awesome! We (and mostly corporations) need to be reminded to take care of it and not act like parasites upon the place that lends us life. Take care of the Earth and it’ll take care of us, destroy it like we’re currently doing and our time is limited.

Funny how we claim to be so smart yet the things we do to our planet are so stupid.


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  1. KaitlynNo Gravatar April 22, 2012

    Great point Andrea :) Keep following your heart and passion; lead by your example :) I love all the eco-friendly product articles you post on here …. I’m always happy to find new natural and organic products … whatever the medium. I feel natural is the way to go if you want to preserve your health and the environments health too :)

    • AndreaNo Gravatar April 22, 2012

      Absolutely! I make my own laundry detergent, room and linen sprays, I brush my teeth with baking soda and peroxide (Aluminum and Fluoride is SUPER bad for you), buy eco friendly products for the home, shop at Farmer’s Market’s for my produce along with Whole Foods, Sprouts etc. I do my part to take care of the environment as well as taking care of myself by not letting corporations put unnecessary chemicals in my body. If people took one second to educate themselves and really looked at what they were consuming, they’d stop, but most people are so complacent, they follow everyone else like sheep and that’s what corporations want, complacent sheep. And I’m nobody’s sheep. ;}

  2. KaitlynNo Gravatar April 22, 2012

    LOL You Go Girl :) I love Farmer’s Markets too….no pesticides….I shop at a local little “whole foods” like store called Clement’s Market in Portsmouth,RI. One thing I always do is READ LABELS …. I no like man made chemicals or preservatives going into my body. I’m on your side Andrea … keep up the fight :)

  3. KaitlynNo Gravatar April 22, 2012

    I’ve gotta get to Whole Foods grocery store :)The closest one is a bit of a drive from my home but I was just on there website and I see so much more eco-friendly products then my local family grocer has. Clements carries some of the same products but not nearly the same caliber. I would go crazy spending at Whole Foods LOL :)


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