Chasing Paper } Removable Wallpaper


Chasing Paper – Dot

Squiggle & Pop

Chasing Paper – Squiggle & Pop

I absolutely love the visual eye candy and idea behind Chasing Paper‘s removable wallpaper. These are perfect for those that want a spot of color and pop without having to worry about damage to walls or other surfaces. My favorite is the Antlers wallpaper design and I can totally picture that in my office/studio. Made and founded in New York.

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  1. KaitlynNo Gravatar June 25, 2013

    Been watching your new designs & your blog posts…..perhaps the “dot” should become your signature design element? Your stardust bands, your “dot” solitaire rings, your pebble “dot” pendants & studs, your billow studs, your new “dot” bands, trinity dot pendant necklace & the initial dot charm necklaces….etc.? Just a thought! :-)

    • AndreaNo Gravatar June 25, 2013

      Never thought of that. lol :)


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