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14k london blue topaz ring - Andrea Bonelli Jewelry

{New} 14k Gold London Blue Topaz Ring

I love London Blue Topaz. It’s a shade of blue that reminds me of the deep blue sea yet in the light the color changes slightly to show it’s true depth. I LOVE, this stone so much that I combined it with my wax carved thick and hefty ring for a perfect alternative engagement ring or fabulous finger bling.



I purchased a few fabulous faceted Chalcedony that I plan on adding to my shop soon once I get the chance to make them into rings and/or pendants. Chalcedony is hands down one of my favorite stones to wear and work with. There’s something about the milky transparent blue color that grabs me. I wear a Chalcedony ring quite often and I get the MOST compliments over any other ring that I wear. People are often drawn to this stone’s soft coloring. This is one stone that will be a constant staple in my shop. These stones are 12mm and are naturally this color, not heated. Approx 7.15cts each.

These will be set in Silver and 14kt Gold since this pale blue is lovely with both metals.

I also had a first today. I’ve been unhappy with my photography for quite some time. Count years. I don’t have time to self teach myself proper photography so I’ve always been scared to go “manual”. That to me is a very scary word. MANUAL. As in going in blind and hoping for the best. I hated that even though my lighting and set up basically stayed the same over the years, there were times that my wood background appeared less natural and almost washed out. These stones were taken in manual mode with my Canon 50D and I can honestly say this is as close to how they actually look in person.

One day when I have more time I’d like to take lessons from a Photographer to teach me how to go manual permanently for all of my photography. Now that would be awesome.


So I’m in love with Moissanites. They’re a perfect alternative to Diamonds and have immense fire and flash that can be seen from a distance.

Freshly soldered

Newly finished ring available in 14kt White or Yellow Gold.

Moissanite is harder than Sapphires, Rubies and other gemstones and only second in hardness to Diamonds. Believed to have been carried by a meteorite 50,000 years ago in trace amounts, silicon carbide in a labor intensive process has been hand faceted by master gem cutters to bring out the stone’s natural brilliance. The fire that this gem produces is phenomenal.

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Stop by my shop Plum & Sage for a “Move Em’ Out” sale.

I’m making room for new designs so this is a perfect opportunity to save on select pieces from my shop.


bunny print by Andrea Bonelli

I tried my hand at Photography and I love it. I loved it so much, I had my favorite photograph professionally printed on Kodak Endura Supre Lustre paper in a sweet postcard size {4×6}.

While supplies last, every order over $50 will get one of these prints.

{I have one of my prints tacked onto my corkboard among other various prints from other artists}



My enamel tutorial is viewable on Indie Fixx’s Tutorial Tuesday. {Yay} After many requests from people starting in enamel asking me how to get the images onto the enamel, I thought I would make a tutorial to simplify the process.

I learned how to enamel from reading lots of books, because I could never find classes in my area that didn’t conflict with my already busy schedule. My tutorial on the fabulous Indie Fixx blog may be a bit long winded, but I wanted to make sure all bases were covered. I hope you enjoy it!

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Work in Progress..

November 11, 2007

in My Shop

I’m in the middle of creating a new line of stud earrings that are simple yet organic in feel. I’ve had this on my mind for a while but since I never write anything down, ideas tend to slip away very easily. I’ve made stud earrings for myself from time to time, or my daughter but it never occurred to me to create them to sell.

I hope I have a market for my new line of ear candy…


There is so much to do in so little time. Since my kids come first my jewelry line has really suffered, so I hope I can keep my momentum going. With my friend Delia giving me constant motivation, I’m sure I’ll be ok.


It’s been a short time since my husband’s passing and I’ve been wrapped up in getting my life back in order. My business is still not up and running yet since I can’t get to any of my tools and I’ve been receiving many email requests which compound my guilt on not getting things up and running fast enough, but there is only so much I can do. I unfortunately will be backing out of the huge Capule SF event that’s being held on October 14th, because there is no way I can get everything that I need to have ready, done by that time. I am a bit disappointed in myself but my kids come first.

I did my first blog posting since August 14th so I’m going to slowly start my blog writeups again to at least get that part in full swing. I may not be able to make jewelry right now, but I can still type, right? lol

I’ll have pictures of the new place soon that I’ll post on my blog to share.