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Hand Printed Linen Tote Bag Black Polka Dots - Brown Leather Handles

Hand Printed Linen Tote Bag Black Polka Dots – Brown Leather Handles

This bag is sooo fabulous and would be a perfect bag for spring. I love the little dots that dance around the fabric of this bag.

Brought to you by MilkHaus Design.

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Just Wanderlust

This shop is so fabulous. As I’m browsing, I find more things that I want to own. Handmade from gorgeous leather, they have a large selection to suit every taste and need. I have my eye on the Kindle covers as well as the Moleskin covers and my wish list is growing by the second.


Leather Tote in Gold, Leather Bag

Leather Tote in Gold Leather Bag by LeahLerner

This bag would be perfect for the Holiday season. A bold statement in bright gold.


Top Row: Packet in Olive Green / Packet in Dark Shadow / Archive Bag in Espresso Bottom Row: Briefcase in Java / Packet in Dark Teal

Who doesn’t love a fabulous bag? Well, I am a serious bag o’ holic. Most women are into shoes and have a rather large collection of them but me, I prefer a great bag over shoes any day.

Jenny N is the designer behind her wonderful bag line. She hand makes each and every one of the bags in her line which I feel makes them even more fabulous.


I came across this cute shop this morning and just had to share. Depeapa has a selection of wonderful bags, prints and brooches with artful illustrations.



Herringbone Black Chiffon Flower Handbag

Gray Tweed Crocheted Flower Pin

Etsy’s featured seller has some pretty awesome things in her shop. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE her bags with the huge flower in the center. So chic and hip, I totally want one but it’s so hard to decide since she has a large selection of color combinations and they all work.



City Urban Glam Tote

I LOVE this tote from Byloom and Hyde. When I saw it today I fell head over heels for the edgy look and visual texture and lines. Oh so fabulous…



Red Ringer Shirt

Tote Cat Bag

Macavity Button Pack

I was contacted by Dave, one of the creators of this new clothing line Macavity last week, and thought this line was fabulous. I love the quirky and cute and I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow my love for it. I loved the characters that they created to be the mascots of their fun and colorful line and I’m totally digging their ringer tee.

Stop by their very cool website and take a browse, I’m sure you’ll find something that you can’t live without.