Hidden Acres Soap Co

Top Left:  Orchid Perfume Oil Top Right: Bath Salts Bottom Left: Banana Lip Balm Bottom Right: Jasmine Perfume Oil

I’ve had my eye on this shop for awhile and I’m sure you can see why. I have a thing for beautifully packaged bath and body products. Add fabulous photography and you’ve got a winning combination. Stop by Hidden Acres Soap Co. to view their extensive selection of handmade bath and body products.

Firebird Bath & Body ~ Love

1. Apple Crumb Cake Goats Milk Soap 2. Woodsmoke & Vanilla Botanical Bath Salts 3. Vanilla Amber Perfume Oil

So this is a shop I regularly stalk and favorite. It’s pretty easy to see why I would want to stalk Firebird, it’s amazing. I have an absolute fave that I now wear daily which is the Vanilla Amber pictured above. It’s intoxicating people, and I’m a perfume snob so for me to wear this it HAS to be good. This is more than good, it’s outstanding. The warm Vanilla and Amber notes are heavenly and the hint of Sandalwood makes everything come together beautifully. I wear scents to bed, not spray perfumes, but roll ons like this one and I always put a bit on my wrists before I go to sleep. There’s something about having a warm and lush scent close to my face as I drift into dreamland. I’ve since changed from my normal woodsy rain forest-like scent for this one because it smells THAT good.

If anything try one of her scents in her Etsy shop and I highly recommend the Vanilla Amber. I would roll around in it if I could. Hope she makes a room spray next because I would be all over it.

Eco Friendly Clean

Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning Kit and Laundry Detergent

I’m always on the look out for products that are eco and environmentally friendly and this line really caught my eye. Mrs. Jones SoapBox has a wide range of Earth friendly products that are sure to please anyone with eco “anything” in mind. This fabulous kit contains:

Clean – all-purpose disinfecting spray
Sparkle – glass, granite, mirrors & stainless steel cleaner
Shine – wood & furniture polish
Scrub – soft scrub cleaner
Soapy – concentrated, all-purpose dilutable
Laundry Detergent + Fabric Softener combo for 80 loads of laundry

This is definitely on my “Must Buy” list.


For Strange Women

3 Single Note Solid Perfumes

Deluxe Mini Perfume sampler
Deluxe Mini Perfume sampler

Decadence and Debauchery
Decadence and Debauchery

dried flowers

First I have to start by saying that I’m a big fan of For Strange Women. I use her Moss & Ivy perfume oil nightly on my wrists so I can have sweet dreams with this lovely lingering fragrance. Everything that Jill touches forms into a magical elixir to cure all that ails you.

Stop by her shop on Etsy, but be warned…you’ll find yourself hard pressed to leave without something…


Stephanie K Naturals

All natural massage and bath oil
All natural massage and bath oil

I love anything that is natural and organic and this handmade bath and body line is just perfect. Stephanie K has created her own line of natural body products made from essential oils and botanicals that are good for your skin.


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