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Hanging Teardrop Glass Terrarium with Door -- moss terrarium -- glass terrarium -- stained glass -- terrarium supplies -- eco friendly
Hanging Teardrop Glass Terrarium

Air Terrarium Kit, pyramid top glass terrarium for hanging or to sit -- copper or silver color -- terrarium supplies -- eco friendly
Air Terrarium Kit

Universe Terrarium Kit, large dodecahedron glass terrarium with a hinged door -- stained glass -- copper or silver color -- eco friendly
Universe Terrarium Kit

I’m currently obsessed with plants for my new home. Since I’ve moved to Nevada, there is a definite difference in climate from the San Francisco Bay Area, so I surround myself with as many plants as possible. It’s not to the point of being like the rainforest yet, but it’s getting pretty close.

These terrariums by ABJ Glassworks are just fabulous and I’ve been eyeing the hanging versions for a while and will pick one to outfit my office soon.


Butternut brooklyn

Butternut Brooklyn

I’m in the market for new kitchen goods and I LOVE these cutting boards! They’re made by Butternut Brooklyn and are made from North American Walnut  and are a mix of heartwood and sapwood for a gentle and satisfying contrast. They’re all shaped by hand and the grain has been raised, sanded, and hand waxed with a custom, food-safe oil and beeswax mixture.

Very fabulous.


rustic pine serving board no. 1

rustic serving board no. 1

black walnut serving board no. 1

Top: rustic pine serving board no. 1   Middle:  rustic serving board no. 1 Bottom:  black walnut serving board no. 1 

I stumbled across this shop tonight and just had to do a write up because these were too fabulous to pass up. Made by Agnes Margaret, these cutting boards would look amazing in any kitchen. Rustic, handmade goodness made from reclaimed wood in Chicago, Il.

I love the fact that the materials were reclaimed as well as being a material found in the US and not outsourced. Love it.

You can save 15% off for Valentines Day with code:



A good thing to remember on Earth Day because our Earth is awesome! We (and mostly corporations) need to be reminded to take care of it and not act like parasites upon the place that lends us life. Take care of the Earth and it’ll take care of us, destroy it like we’re currently doing and our time is limited.

Funny how we claim to be so smart yet the things we do to our planet are so stupid.



I found Irena Levkovich, the artist behind her gorgeous felted clothing line, on Etsy tonight. After browsing Irena’s shop, you can see her immense talent that comes shining through in the clothing that she creates. I found this video of one of her fashion shows in DC, and it’s totally worth a look see. There’s music playing so you might want to turn down your speakers if you’re at work.

She has a wide array of clothing that she fabricates and her work is amazing. Stop by her shop to see just what I’m talking about.

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It’s Easy Being Green: Green Is the new Black

It was a very nice surprise to wake up to a Google Alert pointing me straight to this article that I was mentioned in. I can’t tell you how honored I felt to be mentioned along with such awesome people that are for the Green Movement. I’m happy to see that designers are having such a great influence on the people that buy their goods hopefully planting the seed of being kinder to our planet and it’s diminishing resources. Everyone can make a difference no matter how small your business is and this is what that article proved to me. I have no idea who decided to include me in this wonderful article but I would thank them with a big hug if I could. This not only made me feel like the little steps that I’m taking are making a difference but that I can move towards my greater goals without fear of feeling like it’s all for naught.

So awesome.


Mason Jar Chandelier

Lamp Pastel Light Cluster Swag Light

Canopy Mason Jar Chandelier Light

“Functional, stylish, upcycled vintage treasures for the home, garden or office”

I love recycled and up cycled products and these are just perfect. Made and assembled by Boots N Gus these are the perfect example of re using something to make it absolutely fabulous.



Natural soy candle with wood wick

Essential oil soy candles

I LOVE candles and burn them daily. Since I work from home it’s important for me to not only have beautiful, peaceful surroundings but to also have a nice fragrance wafting about. These candles are so on my wish list of things I want and must have. Totally Eco, these candles by Luminology are made from  100% renewable soy and natural wood. So not only do you get to pick a gorgeous fragrance but you can also choose the dish color to compliment your decor. How fab is that?


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