October 11, 2013

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Top: cuboctahedron | Middle: dodecahedron | Bottom: crystal

I love Terrariums and these are just fabulous. I like having plants in my home and these are perfect to showcase  little vignettes in any space. These are made by Boxwood on Etsy and would make a perfect gift for anyone that wants to add a bit of life to their nest.

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Raw Chocolate

By Raw Chocolate

First off, I love chocolate and I love different varieties because plain ole chocolate won’t do for me. Raw Chocolate creates a wonderful line of raw, uncooked chocolates and truffles which allow for them to retain the goodness that is generally lost during the cooking process. Cacao in its raw state is considered a superfood and contains over 300 nutritional compounds, wow.

Do yourself a favor and buy uncooked chocolates in their raw state. If you’re going to consume calories then make it really worth your while and eat something that’s actually good for you.


Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

Such a pretty Treasury to be featured in!


collage 3
A. Olive Tree B. Roasted Cauliflower & Cheddar Soup (yum) C. Tea D. Repurposed Deco Light

I love soft and calming color stories, so I put together a few of my pinned favorites.


One of my favorite colors besides green is purple. I remember asking my mom to sew me purple curtains when I was younger as well as wearing a favorite Amethyst ring that I wore so much I eventually lost it.
I’ve picked a few of my favorite things that are in this lovely color from a few artists on Etsy.

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1. The light here….Fine Art Print, 2011 12×8 2. – 3. Pinterest Images 4. Drink Me Tea Cup  5. Rustic Hand Carved Band

A collection that reflects the soft hues and colors in nature. The colors of worn wood, aged silver and  soft greens for total rustic goodness.


Blackberry Chambord Jam

Blackberry Chambord Jam by SunchowdersEmporia on Etsy.

All I can say is Mmmmm.
I’m a crumpet kind of gal (who can resist only 60 calories of toasty fluffy goodness?)and every morning I love to have my morning cappucinno with a crumpet topped with a bit of jam from my local Farmers Market.
This Jam from Sunchowders Emporia is literally making my mouth water. They’re handpicked at Spring Valley Farms in Umatilla, FL. Gotta love something that’s not mass produced in a factory but actually made with the hands of people that love what they do.



Burlap XLarge Pouf/Ottoman

Burlap XLarge Pouf/Ottoman by lovintagefinds

I just love this Ottoman. It has a very French/Shabby Chic feel to it.