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Valentine gift Espresso cups with cats in love hand by vitaminaeu.

A perfect little gift set for Valentines Day. Adorable! Personally I also think this unicorn set is rockin too.

Brought to you by Vitamina Eu.


1.gray cylinder vase with gold stripes 2. mottled green and gold mini bud vase 3. navy blue porcelain ring dish with golden rim
4. large white teardrop vase with gold polka dots 5. facet vessel no. 3 – white with gold 6. large red orange teardrop vase with gold polka dots

I LOVE everything from this artist! Pops of color with bits of gold for contrast is just fabulous. What’s not to like?
Made by The Object Enthusiast these are all handmade with love.

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October 11, 2013

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Top: cuboctahedron | Middle: dodecahedron | Bottom: crystal

I love Terrariums and these are just fabulous. I like having plants in my home and these are perfect to showcase  little vignettes in any space. These are made by Boxwood on Etsy and would make a perfect gift for anyone that wants to add a bit of life to their nest.

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Chasing Paper - Dot

Squiggle & Pop

Chasing Paper - Squiggle & Pop

I absolutely love the visual eye candy and idea behind Chasing Paper‘s removable wallpaper. These are perfect for those that want a spot of color and pop without having to worry about damage to walls or other surfaces. My favorite is the Antlers wallpaper design and I can totally picture that in my office/studio. Made and founded in New York.



A Parent’s Promise | Joel Felix

I think every parent with kids should have this posted in view for all to see as a constant reminder.


all about dots

1. Market Tote 2. Confettis Tray 3. Footed Stoneware Platter with Constellation  4. Polka Dot Pillow 

Who doesn’t love a good polka dot? I love them when they’re done with just the right amount of artistic flair.

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delicate geometry

1. Pinterest Pin  2. Pinterest  3.WoodInk  4. 14k Gold Andrea Bonelli Pebble Ring 5. Pinterest

Geometric patterns are everywhere when you start to look for them. Delicate patterns of lines, circles, and angular shapes create exquisite yet simple designs.

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collage 3
A. Olive Tree B. Roasted Cauliflower & Cheddar Soup (yum) C. Tea D. Repurposed Deco Light

I love soft and calming color stories, so I put together a few of my pinned favorites.