Happy Friday!!

October 3, 2014

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Happy Friday!!!



New Andrea Bonelli Jewelry Giveaway


My latest giveaway will be for this 14k gold Heart Charm Necklace. Retail Value $152.00

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This contest will run until October 17th

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Amazing Coffee

September 30, 2014

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Coffee Photography

Photography by Egor N

I just thought these photos of coffee aerodynamics were so amazing. I can’t imagine the amount of work to get the right shot. I love anti gravity photos because it shows active scenes in still life catching little details we would normally miss.



Hanging Teardrop Glass Terrarium with Door -- moss terrarium -- glass terrarium -- stained glass -- terrarium supplies -- eco friendly
Hanging Teardrop Glass Terrarium

Air Terrarium Kit, pyramid top glass terrarium for hanging or to sit -- copper or silver color -- terrarium supplies -- eco friendly
Air Terrarium Kit

Universe Terrarium Kit, large dodecahedron glass terrarium with a hinged door -- stained glass -- copper or silver color -- eco friendly
Universe Terrarium Kit

I’m currently obsessed with plants for my new home. Since I’ve moved to Nevada, there is a definite difference in climate from the San Francisco Bay Area, so I surround myself with as many plants as possible. It’s not to the point of being like the rainforest yet, but it’s getting pretty close.

These terrariums by ABJ Glassworks are just fabulous and I’ve been eyeing the hanging versions for a while and will pick one to outfit my office soon.


Antlers and Apple Blossoms
Antlers and Apple Blossoms by Lucy Snowe

I just LOVE this print! I’m already trying to figure out where I could put it…


Butternut brooklyn

Butternut Brooklyn

I’m in the market for new kitchen goods and I LOVE these cutting boards! They’re made by Butternut Brooklyn and are made from North American Walnut  and are a mix of heartwood and sapwood for a gentle and satisfying contrast. They’re all shaped by hand and the grain has been raised, sanded, and hand waxed with a custom, food-safe oil and beeswax mixture.

Very fabulous.


maxi open back evening dress

maxi open back evening dress

maxi open back evening dress

This dress is just gorgeous. I absolutely love the Emerald Green color and the interesting cut out in the back. Handmade by with love by Lenny Uzan from Tel Aviv, Israel, using high quality fabrics. Perfect for a night out and it’s available in Black, Emerald Green, Azure Blue and Dark Blue.

So Fabulous.


concrete diamond push pins

Pasinga | Concrete Diamond Push Pins 

These are absolutely fabulous. I saw these today in my feed on Etsy and just had to browse her shop. I LOVE how she takes Industrial concrete and makes something completely practical that would look fabulous in any space. These are perfect for my soon to be new Studio/Office and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

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